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High Priest of the Church of Friday

31 July 1971
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So if you're reading my journal, and if you've stumbled onto my Profile page, you should know I work for the Pima County Assessor. That's right, I'm the taxman.

I'm a podcaster! That's right - you can check out my World of Warcraft podcast, Inside Azeroth, at insideazeroth.com. My Wizard 101 show, Ravenwood Radio, at ravenwoodradio.com.

There's a weird cast of characters in my LJ, and if you're just getting started, the acronyms might be confusing:

  • roxietiel - my wife

  • rome_h - my sister

  • darth_riley - my baby daughter, born 7/26/02

  • sundaygames - not just my best friends, but my gaming group which has been going for many years. Gaming geeks unite!

  • cowboy_r - a good friend of mine

  • People, places, and things are added as necessary. As for me, I write to entertain myself with my feelings and musings on my daily life. It is my hope that my writing might be amusing to the general masses.

    NOTE: I'm not adding much to this anymore. I still keep up with and comment on my friend's LiveJournals, but I haven't posted on mine in some time. You can catch me on Twitter at @stevehamner.

    Mario Kart DS Friend Code: 025831 819968 (Name: ConGamer)

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