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Four weeks??? - The Teachings of Steve...
High Priest of the Church of Friday
Four weeks???
Wow, been a while since I've had much to say, so I'll hit the high notes:

  • darth_riley finished her first semester of 1st grade. Like most kids, she doesn't care for school and would rather play Barbies, kick around the soccer ball, ride bikes or collect vanity pets on her fire mage.

  • I'm fortunate enough to have a wonderful wife and family, and while we still have some unpacking and settling in to do, the house we moved into really feels like home.

  • sundaygames is deep in a 4th edition D&D game. There was a time just four months ago when I would've sworn this would never come to pass; I'm glad I was wrong. My friends at that gaming group are good folks, and I look forward to seeing them every week. DragonBorn P0rn, LLC 4 Life!

  • My Friday night gaming group remains the most challenging (and occasionally frustrating) game I've played. It requires high-level thinking, good role-playing, and the ability to make snap combat decisions on your feet. I really enjoy it, and I'm blessed with a good group...if only I could get them to play 4th edition!

  • My podcast just recorded it's 31st episode. We're planning to start our own guild (parallel guilds - one EU and one US) soon. I always thought we'd do a good show, but I never imagined we'd draw such a fantastic community. I got 'recognized' while playing two nights ago - that's both gratifying and terrifying. :) Speaking of which, I'm lucky to have friends both near and far with whom to enjoy my addiction favorite pastime. From just across town to across the world in England and Australia, it's nice to know I have people to show me around when I go on my world tour...someday.

  • Left 4 Dead is downright awesome. I need more friends to play it with online.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    Current Mood: hopeful hopeful

  • Testify!