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Steve 1, Locusts 0 FT - The Teachings of Steve...
High Priest of the Church of Friday
Steve 1, Locusts 0 FT
I finished Gears of War 2 yesterday, and while I have long maintained that the game is truly legendary, I'm a little let down by the ending battle. The last fight against RAAM in Gears of War was epic. You had to employ a lot of strategy, know when to just suppress him and know when to pour on the DPS. Sometimes you had to run, sometimes you had to dodge by him, and sometimes you had to have the intestinal fortitude to stand your ground. It was challenging and blissfully rewarding.

Without revealing any spoilers, this battle was just kind of meh. The enemy was something completely new and freaky, but the tactics required were very straightforward and the battle was quite short. Visually amazing, but still not entirely fulfilling.

Still, Gears of War 2 is a truly legendary game, well deserving of the 9s and 9.5s it earned, and I'll be playing through the campaign mode again both on a higher difficulty and in co-op with lysander_cat (I call Marcus!). I'm also really looking forward to playing Horde mode online...four players square off against wave after wave of increasingly difficult groups of locust troops. I've heard the first wave is about a half-dozen wretches and a handful of troops, whereas the higher waves consist of brumaks, the new monk-type guys and dozens of other soldiers. Sounds delicious to me.

26th episode of our show is in the can and should be released sometime today. Woohoo!

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